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Tutorials at MWSCAS 2006 can be counted as continuous education credit units for professional engineers in the USA and its territories.

Credit Units are granted for P.E. (Professional Engineers) for USA and Puerto Rico engineers.
Tutorials at MWSCAS 2006 are the following:

Circuit Techniques for Operational Amplifier Speed and Accuracy Improvement: Analog Circuit Design with Structural Methodology .
Instructors: V.V. Ivanov & I. M. Filanovsky
Duration: 8 hours
Code: 8A
Cost: US $200*
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Wireless Integrated Architectures for 4G Communication Systems.
Instructor: A. A. Youssef
Duration: 4 hours. Half day: Morning (Ball Room I)
Code: 4A
Cost: US $150*
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RF for Wearable Computing and Health Monitoring (canceled)
Instructor: K. Iniewski
Duration: 4 hours. Half day: Afternoon (Ball Room I)
Code: 4B
Cost: US $150*


Substrate Noise suppression Techniques for Systems on Chip
Instructor: S. Ardalani
Duration: 4 hours. Half day: Morning (Ball Room III)
Code: 4C
Cost: US $150*
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Advanced Multi-Antenna Techniques
Instructor: Y-H. Lee
Duration: 4 hours. Half day: Afternoon (Ball Room III)
Code: 4D
Cost: US $150*
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Design-for-Test of Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
Instructors: L. Huertas and A. Ruedas
Duration: 4 hours. Half day: Morning (Ball Room IV)
Code: 4E
Cost: US $150*
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Sensor Data Fusion and Integration with Applications to Target Tracking and Robotics
Instructor: M. Farooq
Duration: 4 hours.. Half day: Afternoon (Ball Room IV)
Code: 4F
Cost: US $150*
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Please be aware that you can proceed with the conference registration. At a later date, you can register for the tutorials by selecting the"tutorials only" option in the registration page.

*All fees are in US Dollars.
Early (Before May 31)
Late or On-site

Cancelation fee $ 50

August 6 - 9 , 2006, The San Juan Marriott Hotel. San Juan, Puerto Rico