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Lying between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico has miles of white sand beaches, rugged mountains, mangroves and incredible caves.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, BeachBeach lovers will enjoy Luquillo Beach with its sparkling, calm waters proteced by an offshore coral reef. Or visit the famous Condado beach in San Juan.

Nature lovers can observe emerald hummingbirds in the Guánica Reserve, or hike through El Yunque tropical rainforest and bird sanctuary.

Whether you're dreaming about spectacular surfing waves, a challenging golf course, or the perfect sunbathing beach, Puerto Rico offers the active traveler a tremendous array of opportunities. Surfing and golf compete with tennis, fishing, kayaking, SCUBA diving, and horseback riding, not to mention windsurfing and parasailing, for your active time.

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Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of USA and hence it has the same Visa entry requirements for non-American citizens. Any foreigner with legal status in the continental USA can travel to Puerto Rico without having to get a new visa and travel freely in and out of the island without going through immigration or customs.

For those outside the USA please go to http://travel.state.gov/visa/visa_1750.html to find out if you need a visa and how long it takes to get it. If you need to get a USA visa, we recommend to start the application procedure as soon as possible.


August 6 - 9 , 2006, The San Juan Marriott Hotel. San Juan, Puerto Rico